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玉すだれ Jade ball 玉球


“Tama-sudare”… The hot days continue, so our air conditioner is also in full operation every day.  The sunshine is strong from the morning and it just comes.  It is something that wants to overcome the heat in the shade at least.

“Tama-sudare”......炎热的日子还在继续,所以我们的空调每天都在全面运作。 从早晨开始,阳光很强烈。 它至少需要在阴凉处克服热量。
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小萩餅 Gavel Kohagi年糕

アメリカでは台風の事をハリケーンと呼ぶそうですが。 台風の影響10号の予想雨量が多い所で1000ミリ降ると言われていました

There are many candy that expresses “Kobuchi” kohagi… 萩, but in the world of Japanese confectionery, it is one of the must-haves in autumn.  The confectionery in the photo is made from Soro fabric.
 The cocoon is a small deciduous shrub of the legume family, and in autumn, a lot of flowers that resemble red-purple or white butterflies bloom on the weeping branches.  One of the autumn herbs.
 Looking back on this summer, I think the typhoon 10 was amazing.
 In the United States, typhoons are called hurricanes.  The impact of the typhoon was said to be 1000 millimeters where there is a lot of expected rainfall
 So I think Typhoon 10 is a super hurricane that is one hurricane above.

有很多糖果表示“Kobuchi”kohagi ...萩,但是在日本糖果的世界里,它是秋天的必备品之一。照片中的糖果是用Soro面料制成的。
0825 小萩餅.jpg
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秋の音 Sound of autumn 秋天的声音


“Autumn Sound” Akinone… I wonder if it's been from last week or so, I always organize personal computers and slips at night.  I can hear the cry of the insects in autumn.  When I hear that tone, it makes me feel that autumn has really come.

“秋天的声音”Akinone ......我想知道是不是从上周左右开始,我总是在晚上组织个人电脑和滑倒。 我可以听到秋天的昆虫的叫声。 当我听到这种语气时,它让我觉得秋天真的来了。
0818 秋の音.jpg
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乙女菊 Maiden chrysanthemum 少女菊花


菊は、きく科の多年生草本で一茎一花をつける、高さ一尺(30センチ)余りで、ふつうは栽培によって咲く、その種類も非常に多いのが特徴で、花の色には白・黄・紅・紫など様々で花の大きさから大菊、中菊、小菊、等に分けられる。菊の異名として、千代見草、翁草、齢草、 その他にも沢山ある。


"Otome chrysanthemum" ... The chrysanthemum is often expressed in September and October.  There are really many types.  Chrysanthemum is said to be the king of hundred flowers and October is said to be a particularly good season for chrysanthemum.

 Chrysanthemum is a perennial herb of the asteraceae family that has a stem and a flower, is only a little tall (30 centimeters), usually blooms by cultivation, and there are many types, and the color of the flower is white. ・ It is classified into large chrysanthemum, medium chrysanthemum, small chrysanthemum, etc. according to the size of the flower in various colors such as yellow, red and purple.  There are many other names for the chrysanthemum, such as Chiyosomigusa, Sasagusa, Amakusa, and many others.

 A flower that has been loved and loved in Japan for a long time.  It has been designed into various arts and crafts in the form of elegant flowers. 

“Otome chrysanthemum”....菊花经常在九月和十月表达。 有很多种类型。 据说菊花是百花之王,十月被认为是菊花特别好的季节。

 菊花是菊科的一种多年生草本植物,具有茎和花,只有一个高度(30厘米)高,通常通过栽培开花,并且有许多种类的花。  ・根据花朵的大小,分为大菊花,中菊花,小菊花等,颜色有黄色,红色,紫色等。 菊花还有很多其他名称,如Chiyosomigusa,Sasagusa,Amakusa等等。

 自古以来就被日本人所喜爱和爱的一朵花。 它以优雅的花朵形式被设计成各种工艺品。

0825 千代菊.jpg
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夏小菊 Summer small chrysanthemum 夏天的小菊花


“Natsukogiku”… When you come to the Bon Festival or on the bank, it ’s a common sight to visit the ancestors ’graves and go back to the countryside.  Even though I had a hard time, I went to raise incense sticks.  I remember worshiping the grave with chrysanthemums and wharves, and using insect repellents.  Now it is difficult to visit the grave only when the Bon Festival has passed and it has settled down due to work.

“Natsukogiku”......当你来到盂兰盆节或银行时,参观祖先的坟墓并回到乡下是很常见的。 我记得用菊花和码头崇拜坟墓,并使用驱虫剂。 因为我的工作,即使我很难过,现在我去养香棒。 只有在盂兰盆节过去后,才能参观坟墓。

0809 夏菊.jpg
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秋の音 Sound of autumn 秋天的声音


"Autumn sound" Akinone ... Hot days continue even after the Bon Festival.  I always write a blog on my PC at night, purchase transfers and raw materials and packaging materials, and organize my slips with a PC accounting solution. During that time, I'm a cricket.  ?  I can hear the cry of the insects in autumn.  When I hear that tone, it makes me feel that autumn has really come.  Autumn is coming soon.

“秋天的声音”Akinone ......即使在盂兰盆节之后,炎热的日子仍在继续。 我总是在晚上在我的电脑上写博客,购买转账,原材料和包装材料,并用我的计算机会计解决方案整理我的单据。 还是? 我可以听到秋天的昆虫的叫声。 当我听到这种语气时,它让我觉得秋天真的来了。 秋天即将到来。

0808 虫の音.jpg
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流橙 Flowing orange 流动的橙色

「流燈」・・・灯籠流しといえば、広島では原爆の日8月6日の夜に行われますが、一般的にはお盆に盆灯篭として仏への供養にともすもので、地方により日 高灯籠、切子灯籠、花灯籠、舟灯籠などいろいろあり、その最後を川や海に流すのを灯籠流しという。

“Fluent” ... Speaking of lanterns, Hiroshima is held on the night of the atomic bomb on August 6th, but it is generally accompanied by a bon lantern in the Bon Festival and served as a lantern.  Is not constant.  There are various types of high lanterns, faceted lanterns, flower lanterns, boat lanterns, etc. The last of which is called river lanterns is called lantern drifting.
 Kana no Hitsumine 

“流利”......说到灯笼,广岛是在8月6日的原子弹之夜举行的,但它通常伴随着盂兰盆节的灯笼灯,并作为灯笼。 不是不变的。 有各种类型的高灯笼,多面灯笼,花灯,船灯等。最后一个叫做河灯,被称为灯笼漂流。
 Kana no Hitsumine 
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広島平和式典 被爆から75年目 Hiroshima Peace Ceremony 75 years since the bombing 广岛和平仪式爆炸事件发生75年


I will mention the Hiroshima Peace Ceremony as a shop in Hiroshima City.
Today is 75 years since the Hiroshima exposure
I pray for the bliss of those who have died from the bombings.
I still don't think that the atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima. At first, I thought the atomic bomb was correct. However, I understood that it should not be now.
I pray for the bliss of those who died in the end.

我仍然不认为原子弹在广岛被丢弃了。 起初,我认为原子弹是正确的。 但是,我明白现在不应该这样。
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夕焼け sunset 日落

  「夕焼け」・・・「夕焼けこやけの赤とんぼ追われていたのは、いつのを日か…」。皆が知る童謡の歌詞です。 子供の頃は、この童謡の詩の光景のように、私もお盆過ぎ頃になると蜻蛉を追いかけていたのを思い出します。初秋に表現され菓銘「赤とんぼ」などが同じ表現になります。


蜻蛉や 取りつきかねし 草の上   芭蕉 

"Sunset" ... "What day has I been chased by the red glow of the sunset?" It is the lyrics of the nursery rhyme that everyone knows. When I was a child, I remember that I was chasing a wolf when it was too late, as in the poem of this nursery rhyme. It is expressed in early autumn, and confectionery "red dragonfly" becomes the same expression. A dragonfly is a generic term for insects that belong to the order of the dragonfly, and it has two pairs of long and slender wings, which are slender and spread like an airplane, and fly like a swim in the sky. There are many varieties of salmon, but recently, around my house, it has been lost. It can be seen from summer to autumn. Speaking of the offering of salmon, it is after autumn. 蜻蛉 and か ね か ね の 上 の 上 16 0816 red dragonfly.

“夕阳”......“我被夕阳的红色光芒追ー了哪一天?”每个人都知道,这是童谣的歌词。当我还是个孩子的时候,我记得当时为时已晚,我正在追逐一只狼,就像这首童谣中的诗一样。在初秋表达,糖果“红蜻蜓”变成同样的表达。 蜻蜓是属于蜻蜓顺序的昆虫的通称,它有两对长而细长的翅膀,它们像飞机一样细长并且像天空中的游泳一样飞翔。鲑鱼有很多种,但最近,在我家附近,它已经丢失了。 从夏天到秋天都可以看到。说到提供鲑鱼,它是在秋天之后。 蜻蛉和かねかねの上の上16 0816红蜻蜓。
0816 赤とんぼ.jpg
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滝しぶき Waterfall spray 瀑布喷雾


"Waterfall spray" ... I wrote that I climbed a mountain stream yesterday, but since it is a steep gradient, even if it is a mountain stream, the flow of water is strong, the footing is also slippery, like climbing a wet rocky area It feels like it is cold as cold as it is cold water and it is more crisp than I expected. When I arrived with great thought, I was really moved to see the big waterfall. It is a mystery that only people who have struggled can see it. It is sometimes healed by the negative ions of the waterfall, and it is also a place of severe training. The confectionery in the picture is what I imagine in the "falling waterfall"

“瀑布喷雾”...我写道,我昨天爬了一条山涧,但由于它是一个陡峭的梯度,即使它是一条山涧,水流也很强,基础也很滑,就像爬上潮湿的岩石区域 感觉它像冷水一样冷,而且比我预期的更清脆。 当我精心想到的时候,我真的很感动,看到了大瀑布。 这是一个谜,只有挣扎过的人才能看到它。 它有时会被瀑布的负离子治愈,也是一个严格训练的地方。 图中的糖果是我在“瀑布瀑布”中的想象
0803 滝しぶき.jpg
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