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唐衣 Karai 卡拉伊

唐衣  きつつなれにし  つきしあれば  はるばる来ぬる  たびをしぞ思ふ

Even from "Karai" ... The origin and design of Karai is a representation of the oyster fly, and is derived from the fact that Narahei Arihara, who is famous for his beautiful boys, sang in "Ise Monogatari."

 Karai Ketsunare Nashiru, if you come with it, come and go

甚至来自“ Karai” ... Karai的起源和设计是牡蛎蝇的代表,并且源自以其漂亮的男孩而闻名的Narihei Aihara演唱的“ Ise Monogatari”。

 Karai Ketsunare Nashiru,如果随它一起来来去去
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"Field play" ... Normally, it is made of taro dough with wormwood, and it is usually made with sweets wrapped in a wrapping cloth, but it is a Kinton reservation item.  We also introduced it last month under the additional name of "Mushing" Tsumikusa.  A sweet that expresses the state of picking spring flowers in a basket.

“野外活动” ...通常,它是由芋头面团和艾草制成的,通常是用包裹在包装布中的糖果制成的,但它是Kinton的预定项目。 上个月,我们还以“ Mushing” Tsumikusa的额外名称进行了介绍。 表示在篮子里摘春天花的状态的甜点。
0424 野遊び.jpg
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「杜若」かきつばた・・・(燕子花)池、沼、水辺に生え、5月、6月に濃紫の美しい大きい花が咲く。あやめ科の多年生植物。ハナショウブに似ているが、葉はそれよりも広く、 中脈がはっきりしない、園芸種の花なは白やしぼりもある。  

"Muwaka" oyster flower ... (Tsubame Hana) It grows in ponds, swamps, and waterfronts, and in May and June, beautiful beautiful flowers of deep purple bloom.  A perennial plant of the iris family.  It is similar to Hanashobu, but the leaves are wider, the center vein is not clear, and there are white and squeezed flowers of horticultural species.

“ Muwaka”牡蛎花...(燕花)它生长在池塘,沼泽和滨水区,在5月和6月,深紫色的美丽花朵盛开。 鸢尾科的多年生植物。 它类似于Hanashobu,但是叶子较宽,中心脉不清晰,并且有园艺类的白色和挤压花。
 0423 杜若.jpg
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“Tsukigase” ... Sakura is Yoshino.  Tatsuta is famous for its autumn colors, but Tsukikase Bairin [1] (Tsukigasebairin) is a plum forest located in and around Mt.  It is also known as the Tsukigase Plum Valley because of the spread of plum trees along the valley of the Satsuki River, and it is one of the first famous scenic spots designated by the Japanese government.  It is said that about 13,000 plum trees are cultivated.

“月月”……樱花是吉野。  Tatsuta以其有色的叶子而闻名,但是Tsukikase Bairin [1](Tsukigasebairin)是奈良县奈良市Tsukigaseoyama山及其周围的梅树林(以前是Soegami区Tsukigase村)。 因沿小月河谷蔓延的梅树而被称为筑关梅谷,是日本政府指定的首批著名景点之一。 据说大约种植了13,000株李子树。
0220 梅.jpg
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最新のニュースを見て 、

Phalaenopsis Another name for butterflies, this season, we can hear the sounds of butterflies, squirrels, etc.
 Everyone knows that they can stay at home for a long time due to the lack of school due to coronavirus, work from home, etc.
 See the latest news,
 The total number of infected people in the world has reached about 2 million.
 Well, the most famous name is Phalaenopsis.
 Is it the pillar, Shinobu Phalaenopsis, that appears in "Devil's Blade"?
 There is the opposite image of being a little cute, but scary.

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"Ranman" Ranman ... In April, spring has finally begun.  The cherry blossoms were in full bloom, and the cherry blossoms of Numata City University that I delivered this morning were in full bloom and it was a really beautiful sight.  The colorful flowers and flowers sprout on the mountains, so it's spring in itself.  In the photo, I tried to express the appearance of cherry blossoms blooming with Kinton in "spring romance".

“ Ranman” Ranman ... 4月,春天终于开始了。 樱花盛开,我今早送来的沼田市立大学的樱花盛开,景色真美。 五彩缤纷的花朵和花朵在山上发芽,所以它本身就是春天。 在照片中,我试图通过“春天的浪漫”表达出与Kinton一起盛开的樱花的外观。

0411 爛漫.jpg
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"Ranman" Ranman ... In April, spring has finally come.  The cherry blossoms were in full bloom, and the cherry blossoms at Numata City University, which we delivered this morning, were in full bloom and a truly beautiful sight.  The wild flowers are sprouting up in the mountains and the spring is full.  The photo shows the cherry blossoms in full bloom in spring.

“ Ranman” Ranman ... 4月,春天终于来了。 樱花盛开,今天早晨我们在沼田市立大学开的樱花盛开,景色真美。 野花在山上发芽,春天开满了。 图为春天盛开的樱花。
0411 爛漫.jpg
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「早蕨」さわらび・・・うらばし科の羊歯(しだ)植物で山野に自生して、早春に、こぶし状に巻いた新葉を出し、これが食用とされている。根茎からは澱粉(デンプン)が取れる。この粉で御菓子や懐石料理にも使用されている。茶道の世界では、火箸の頭、釜の釻付に象り、蒔絵の題材にもなる。  絵御本、唐津、志野、尾戸、姥ケ餅、などの茶碗にも屡々描かれている。蕨の形を拳に見立てて、比老斎に一拳という銘の茶杓もある。   ちなみに写真の御菓子は薯蕷饅頭製です。 

みよし野の山の霞を今朝みれば蕨のもゆる煙なりけり   詩人しらず

"Hayawari" Sawarabi ... It grows wild in the wild in the field, and is a fist-rolled new leaf in early spring, which is edible.  Starch can be obtained from the rhizome.  This powder is also used in sweets and kaiseki dishes.  In the world of tea ceremony, it is used as the subject of lacquer work, in the shape of a fire chopstick head and a pot.  They are often depicted on bowls such as picture books, Karatsu, Shino, Odo, and Uba mochi.  There is also a teacup called Iken in Hirosai, resembling the shape of a warabi as a fist.  By the way, the sweets in the photo are made from sweet potato bun.

 If you look at the haze of the mountains of Miyoshino this morning, the warabi no smoke will not be a poet

“ Hayawari” Sawarabi ...它在蕨类植物的野外生长,可以在早春食用。 淀粉可以从根茎中获得。 这种粉末也用于糖果和怀石料理。 在茶道世界中,它以火筷子头和锅的形状被用作漆器的主题。 它们经常被描绘在诸如图画书,唐津,筱野,大江户和U羽年糕之类的碗上。 广西市还有一个茶杯,叫做艾肯(Iken),形状像拳头一样。 顺便说一下,照片中的糖果是用地瓜面包制成的。

0409 わらび.jpg
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"Soko" Souji ... The other day, I introduced the soro dough that expressed a butterfly with the confectionary name "Spring Dance", but today's sweets are made from shreds.

 Among the insects, the butterflies flying in the air are the most beautiful, and there are many collectors who are attracted to the variety of colors and shapes.

 Speaking of Japanese butterflies, the large swallowtail butterfly (Papilio butterfly) is famous, and the other well-known in the world are Monshiro butterfly and Yellow butterfly.

 Shouko ... Shouzhou became a butterfly in a dream during the Warring States period due to the ideology of China, but when she wakes up, she returns to herself, and Zhou turns into a butterfly in a dream.  It may be because the phalaenopsis disappeared from the solution because of the dream, and he came to see the liberation.  This is a confectionery that designed this.

“ Soko” Souji ...前几天,我介绍了用糖果名“ Spring Dance”表达蝴蝶的soro面团,但是今天的糖果是用切丝制成的。



 寿子...战国时期,由于中国的意识形态,寿州变成了梦中的蝴蝶,但是当她醒来时,她回到了原来的寿书本身,周变成了梦中的蝴蝶。 可能是因为蝴蝶梦使蝴蝶兰从溶液中消失了,他才看到解放。 这是设计的糖果。
0401 蝶々.jpg
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